The art collective Plastic Crowds presents a four-monthly publication of dual-creation and artistic research at Mixer, an arts space located in the Tophane district of Istanbul. A contemporary art magazine created with the collaboration of international artists, designers, art historians, architects and philosophers. By promoting an interdisciplinary dialogue/collaboration between the founders of the publication and its collaborators, Plastic Crowds aims to stimulate an artistic discourse which also reflects on the topic of ‘Cultural Bubbles’, which is also the title of the publications first issue.

The founders of Plastic Crowds believe, ‘that it is obvious the world we live in has transformed in recent years. For those that choose not to believe, or to ignore this and still go on determined to live in a time that no longer exists, we must accept that our lives in this post-modern period are made of varying complexities’. What were once very narrow perspectives that sought to encompass all branches of media and art together are now presented under the ambiguous label of interdisciplinary arts. In order to understand and realize a project completely, there are many fields of interdisciplinary art that we must engage in an exchange that not only enriches but complements the idea.

Amongst others, the magazine discusses a number of featured artworks that were created in Istanbul just two months prior to the events at Gezi Park. They inherently reflect on environmental, urban, social and media issues that are subsequently rising to the surface of Turkish society. This issue focuses on projects that are linked with artworks reflecting on the Spanish social movement of the Indignados, giving us an opportunity to establish an artistic interpretational link between the works and the ongoing events in Turkey.

Manuel Beltrán, Alican Durbaş, Pim A. van der Heiden, Eva Yarza, Kevin LCK, Marta Yarza, Pam Pam Liu, Manuel Martínez, Braulio Iglesias, 3D Neighbours, Manuel Pascual, Silvia Penas, Marta Casadevall, Daniel Ramos, Anxel Nava, Sonia Barciela, Pedro Cárcamo, NAN Architects and Santiago Paredes, José Luis Pardo and Jorge Luis Marzo.

Presenter: Manuel Beltrán

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