Many have asked the question "are we alone in the universe?". Well I think it reasonable and common sense to presume that in a universe this large and vast that no we are not alone.

This video I made provides some of the best known PUBLIC evidence that proves artificial radio signals have been captured from deep space, that some of our own deep space messages (Arecibo 1974 Radio message) have been answered and EVEN the responders have sent us a message back.

What is even more amazing is that biological remains have been recovered and proves that Extra Terrestrial life has been to this planet and has been coming here for many centuries.

Its amazing to think this information you will see is not a fraud or hoax but cannot be anything but true and undeniable. There is a video at the end of this that I have made clear is not proven fully as yet (star-ships), but I decided to include it so you can decide.

Because at the end of this video, the question wont be are we not alone. The question's will be... who are they?, where do they come from? and what do they want with us?.

Please note this is public sourced information, can you imagine what the governments and militaries know about this. TIME FOR ANSWERS

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