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Showreel Breakdown:

1) Paint Over of Skier.
Paint over completed in Photoshop.
Base Model made in Maya, additional sculpting ZBrush.

2) Rendered Textures of Skier
Textures painted in MARI.
Model UV'ed in UVLayout.

3) Dino Pump
Textures painted in MARI
Modeled in Maya and Onyx Tree, additional sculpting in ZBrush
UV'ed in UVLayout

4) Stella Bottle and Glass.
Textures painted in MARI.
Model made in Maya.
UV'ed in UVLayout.

5) London Underground Train.
Textures painted in MARI.
Modeled in Maya
UV'ed in Roadkill and UVLayout.

6) Pacific Northwest Map, Made for Salomon Freeski TV, season 5.
Textures made in Photoshop and After Effects.
Modeled and animated in Maya.
UV'ed in Maya

Textures painted in MARI.
Modeled and rigged in Maya.
UV'ed in UVLayout

8) Ruby Sue Animation.
Textures painted in Photoshop.
Modelling and animation in Maya.
Rig by Jeff Pratt, Escape Studios.

9) Mech Walker Paint Over.
Paint Over in Photoshop.
Model from xpp_nd_ruphus,

10) Rendered Mech Walker.
Textures Painted in MARI
PTEX textures.

If you have any questions about anything in my reel, please contact me at

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