Eyebeam Fellow Forrest Oliphant - Meemoo - OPEN (Art)
"I want to blur the line between developer and user and allow more people to create different kinds of media."

Meemoo brings the power of app development to everyone. It is an HTML5 data flow programming environment with an emphasis on realtime audio-visual manipulation. Using an intuitive visual interface that lets users connect modules together using colorful "wires,"Meemoo lets anyone remix and build apps right in the browser.

Meemoo Hackable Web Apps Workshop took place on July 13, in which Forrest gave a crash-course on his project, and shared some "hacktivities" for incorporating Meemoo's powerful and accessible animation tools into classrooms or learning at home.
July 12 - August 10, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, July 12, 6-8pm
Workshops: Saturday, July 13, 12-3pm – SOLD OUT!

Eyebeam is pleased to announce the Open(Art) exhibition and workshop series, which marks the culmination of our Open(Art) Fellows' projects.

Open(Art) is a joint initiative launched by Eyebeam and Mozilla to support creativity at the intersection of art and the open web. It offers a unique opportunity for artists and technologists to collaborate on work that catalyzes participation on a global scale, and engages audiences through innovation, transparency, and utility.

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