What does the 80/20 Rule have in common with the following? 'Arrive early', "Say Please and Thank you!" and "To Do lists"? - this isn't a trick question. The answer is one that will possibly change your life if you haven't already glommed onto it.

And? Why did I use the image to the left for this Webinar?
We have an unusual ability. It's one we can't really avoid using since it's hardwired into how we experience the world. We can see patterns. Some of the patterns are blindingly obvious, other less so. Patterns, or structure if you prefer, help us make sense of the world.

This session will expand on this simple idea and explore how we can take advantage of the obvious patterns and highlight the less obvious ones. If you want to place this webinar into a category? (see you see what YOU did there?) Then file it under Productivity... or maybe under Coping... or perhaps under 'Life Hacking'... or under Philosophy... listen in and decide for yourself. My promise? You'll take something away you'll be able to use in the office and your daily life.

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