Nitto Denko had developed a new technology, using optics to non-invasively measure parameters in our blood to enable a snapshot approximate of a person’s overall fitness and wellness at any point in time. STUCK was engaged to investigate the preliminary hardware configuration and form factor, as well as to design and build the entire Tinké App from the ground-up.

The final result is an App which achieves beauty and function by breaking out of the typical ‘safe’ ways to design mobile interfaces. Through this, STUCK created an innovative menu navigation typology which is both fun and blazing fast, as well as friendly and clear aesthetics throughout the app - representing scientific data in ways that are comfortable, positive and acceptable to the user - steering away from the typical information overload.

With the App, STUCK has effectively transformed something quite technical to a format which is lively, motivating and assuring.

UI UX Design: STUCK -
Code Development Team: Ohmpa, Nitto Denko

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