Deuteronomy Remnant Lessons Part 3 | shabb-072613-deut-remnant-pt3
The fifth book of the Pentateuch, this is Deuteronomy and we continue our verse by verse study. Tonight we start part 3 which includes Chapter 4 through end of chapter 7! We will cover Possessing the land, Obedience and his commandments, the iron furnace, tribulation in the latter days, the ten commandments, Mt. Horeb and the Living God, Lessons to America and the Christian, Instructions to Israel in the land, Danger and the sin of fear, and finally Victory over the enemy. Don't miss this Deuteronomy studies, Lessons for the Remnant believer!
Moreover, in this study we will go in-depth into the last days relevant teachings found in Deuteronomy that directly correlate to Revelation and also in John. Here we look at many aspects of Israel, the latter days, Ephraim, the commandments, the covenant, the blood, Jesus Christ, and the Remnant today. This is a very important area to understand and there are more parts like this in Deuteronomy that literally affect us today as Remnant Believers.
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Deu 6:10 KJV And it shall be, when the LORD thy God shall have brought thee into the land which he sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not,
Deu 6:11 KJV And houses full of all good things, which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not; when thou shalt have eaten and be full;
Deu 6:12 KJV Then beware lest thou forget the LORD, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage
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