From the 2013 Tribeca New Music Festival, the cell, NYC.

In B and Peace Study were written in 2007 for pianist Tony de Mare, whom I have known and admired for nearly 25 years. They are both included in a suite of seven pieces Tony commissioned from the Fromm Foundation entitled Phenomena. Both works include prerecorded accompaniment on CD. The accompanying sounds for these electro-acoustic movements are constructed using only sounds from the piano and from different human voices. Some have been altered beyond recognition, while the sources of other are more clearly discernible. This technique of using sounds that are similar to, or derived from, the sound world of the live performer, brings out the natural similarities of the two media, rather than the differences. It also creates some interesting dramatic possibilities for extending the instrument beyond the usual boundaries.

"In B" is in its own way a re-imagining of the seminal work "In C" by Terry Riley as well as being inspired by the phenomenon of minimalism in music.

"Peace Study" takes the life of the Dalai Lama as inspiration. This remarkable person is the embodiment of the ability of calm thought to not only persevere through chaos but to transcend it. This re-imagining was originally included in Tony's concert at the Rubin Museum in NYC as part of this exhibition "The Missing Peace : Artists Consider the Dalai Lama." A revised version was later created for the recording in 2012, which expands further on the electro-acoustic elements. --- James Mobberley

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