It is always happening something in our world and outside of it! So this video transmits a little bit of this concept. It is a surreal video, but you will get the idea of it.

I started doing the video on July, 19th (Friday) to July, 27th (Saturday) and I drew, illustrated and animated around 2 or 3 elements per day after working hours. The sounds were searched and mixed in one day.

All of these animations in this video were done using Photoshop. And it was my first try! The sounds were combined with AE. I know there are too much elements appearing for a video with only five seconds, but I really wanted to learn more about different animation techniques. I think the sounds would help a little showing what´s happening.

I hope that, when I get some free time, I will be able to make a video with a sequence of some drawings plus the animation together. Then, I want to do another video with some quick and essential tips about how to do animation using Photoshop, Hand Drawing and Illustrator together.

I am happy with the final result. It was a long and hardworking project which took me long nights to do it. However, I had a lots of fun doing it, and learn a bit of cel animation.

I hope you will like it too.

See more about this video here:

// Elements
Boat, Dragonfly, seagull, sun, ball, bomb, plane, waves, castle, pail and shovel, cloud

satellite, comet, asteroid, france colours, raining thunder cloud, giraffe, pirate ghost ship, canon bal, space ship, cow, nuclear explosion, the carnation [clavel (the national flower of Spain)], stars, whale, bandage, castle flying, shooting stars


Greyscalegorilla's Five Second Projects - "Sandcastle"

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