Nikon D800 has become widely popular among many top fashion photographers in the world, putting this great camera to test for the very first time was fun, challenging and I must say very easy

Of course shooting a couple of sexy fashion models in New York city streets & subways was the gravy on top which I could not resist when the opportunity arose
Everything is shot at 60 frame per seconds at 720p in B&W , big complaint I have is that I wish this camera shot 60p at 1080 or higher resolution, I am sure that is something to look forward to in Nikon's upcoming DSLR cameras

As a photographer and also photography instructor, I find this camera one of the best in it's category for the price range, of course there many great DSLR's out there that are perhaps much better, but for a great price
But if you want to spend less than 3 grand for a high mega pixel camera, you cant go wrong with Nikon D800

You can view a few more experimental fashion videos here at

Or for fashion photography examples of Nikon D800 click here

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