Headphones + 1080p for epicness!

Dedicated to one of my best friends, Mehnaz. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a blast! :D

Just a simple video, something I've been wanting to make for two years, the plotline is basic: The Doctor sees Rose and he really can't believe that she's there. He remembers everything; the past, the hurt. And he realises that Rose is to be with his clone so he leaves and continues on with his journey. He regenerates and ends up meeting Rose on Bad Wolf Bay.

the fandom: Doctor Who (if you haven't realised it yet.)
the episodes: Most of Series 2, 'Flesh and Stone' from Series 5 and 'The End of Time, Part 2' from the Series 4.2 special.
audio: pm me
the colouring: nicolecolours
my tumblr: gallifrayans.tumblr.com

+ This is purely made for fun and entertainment. I don't own these clips or the song, that goes to their respective owners. I do not gain any money for it. No copyright infringement intended.

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