Some of my own cinematography work in a collaboration project for the E4 2013 'E-Sting' competition submission "Neural Network" done by Freddie Horton and Myself.

This 'Rough Cut' video includes 9 parts using various techniques and post-work of which i've learnt or used as my signature visual work throughout my second year of university at Falmouth:
1_Camera Obscura
__A projection of the E4 logo on a white wall, with a camera obscura picking up and flipping original image.
__Using Diffraction grated sheets (500mm & 1000mm) in front of a reflective silver bag.
__Matches in a pot of compost in the shape of the E4 logo, and setting fire to it.
__running a controlled glitch simulator (GPG) and recording it internally on my desktop.
__a strip of processed 35mm film, dip dyed in red, yellow, light & dark blue clothes dye and scanned in.
__Just using a macro-lens and holographic reflective paper (birthday banner).
__Footage attained with help from Alys Barlow, Using a Nikon and a special Microscope filming feathers, leaves, insects, fabric, and itself.
__Using the sun as a light to create a silhouette of the E4 logo on various materials, sometimes with jug of water in-between.
__Canvas with pins in the form of the E4 logo, with purple string acting like a line would with a dot to dot game.

Neural Network_

Filmed in:
Falmouth, Cornwall.
Sudbury Hill, London.
Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
United Kingdom


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