RUSSIAN DIAMOND (Русский Бриллиантовый)

It’s a seriously themed celebration. Russian Mafia. Everyone must be dressed up high class. Or lowest of the low class. NOTHING IN BETWEEN. This is about guns, glitz, glamour, crime, diamonds and vodka. It’s about a dark, corrupted underworld with a polished, luxurious façade. Doing the wrong things to get to the right place. High calibre spies with double lives. Come in character or don’t come at all. Look incredibly good, we’ve got our eyes and cameras on you. There will be a photobooth set up for sexy stills and a timelapse of the dance floor over the entire night. Smoking is permitted, and vices are encouraged.

Come tempt fate. Live out your own epic action scene. Have an on screen kiss. Talk slowly... and with intensity. It’s about dramatic cinematic moments. Dance with destiny in a Hollywood story that’s too good to be true. For one night only.

Join us as we create 2013’s most complex and compelling plotline. The greatest event in motion picture history: RUSSIAN DIAMOND.

Four very special birthdays. One party you'll never forget.
BYO guns, diamonds and champagne.
сторона жестко, мы тебя любим.

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