Skin Multitouch is a projected capacitive multitouch technology, composed of a flexible sensor, a controller and a driver. it is available in sizes from 30'' to 100'', in 4:3, 16:9 and custom formats.
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With Skin Multitouch, large areas of contact, like palms or arms, can be rejected (Palm & arm rejection).
XTR-Pressure is a pressure sensing technology that detects different degrees of pressure when users interact with the content.
Skin Multitouch requires just 2mm airgap between sensor and LCD, ahead of traditional sensors.
DISPLAX developed a unique proprietary noise filtering technology called XTR-Shield. Noise from the LCD and from external sources can interfere with projected capacitive sensors and affect touch detection.The XTR-Shield blocks that noise. This means you can put the sensor closer to the LCD avoiding parallax effect and allowing a slimmer design of touch products. A further benefit of XTR-Shield is to improve signal to noise ratio, providing a superb touch experience.
It works through non conductive materials, like glass, and it is applied on the back of the material. So, the user never really touches the sensor. This means there is no wear. It is resistant to liquids, and vandal proof. For instance, if in a public space liquids are spilled over the glass, the touch product is not damaged. This makes it uniquely suited for use outdoors or in cleanroom environments

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