“After more than 5 years of planning and another 4 years of building, we are now just a few short months from opening the new Port Mann Bridge to traffic.

This is the largest transportation project in British Columbian history. About 8000 jobs will have been generated by this project when complete. That’s a lot of good paying work and its one of the great payoffs of a project like this …

… Once in a generation, a project like this comes along, and everyone will benefit.”

Mary Polak, Former BC Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure


This is one of two videos we produced featuring then MOTI Minister Mary Polak announcing the Port Mann Bridge opening. Mixing shots of the podium announcement with stunning aerials of the bridge, as well as worker shots give a real ‘wow’ effect for the viewer.

• BC Residents
• Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Public Representatives
• Trade Unions
• Commuters
• Transit Authorities

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