Local Portland, Maine song writer (& Baltimore native) plays on this past Friday's show . I love his writing. That parlor guitar sounds phenomenal,, likely you'd flip to find it was salvaged from a pile of discarded household items by his sister & handed to him the sound defies the price paid!.
Christopher's lyrics always have me wondering; what lyrical gem he will cast into his songs next. I think this guy's got serious Juju. FLICKR SET; snipurl.com/ctd3_c_teret

Christopher Teret's other track (here on vimeo) " Deliver Me" = vimeo.com/718442 also a mighty gem of effortless ease and simplistic mastery of his craft.

This tune "You Don't Believe it's True" I first heard on a 17 track disc he put out with his brother Walker; the disc is called "Little Guys" mostly original tunes. They do some covers of some old timey songs, but his songs won out each time, sure you do old timey classic/vintage gems to develope one's chops but when your tunes equal or surpass some of those tunes I found myself wanting to hear this excellent word smith/guitarist do his own work over "those classic old timey tracks", the simplicity of his lyrics & song structure and arrangements have an old , lived in feel to them. I know this guy's work will touch a lot of ears.

The sound is the on air sound board out (radio program) synched to the clip with the camera sound deleted, posted with the permission of the artist.

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