Allie - Number 1 (Original Version)

Directed and edited by Florian Boss
Co-edited by Max Boss
Camera: Levente Pavelka & Simon Rudat
Skater: Adrian Judt

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Allie - Number 1 Remixed: +++

Allie - Uncanny Valley 12": +++
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"The melodies are simple. They float above and just have to land at some point. But the words are sound, too. I collect phrases and words that sound good to me. Then I try to put them together like a puzzle until something like a theme emerges. The theme is always new to me, not necessarily something that I'm struggling with at that moment. Maybe it's coming from somewhere deeper, where I couldn't see it before. Often when I follow it, everything rhymes and comes together in an almost magical way. But sometimes, the thoughts fray and do not move. At least not forwards."

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