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The time it takes for the first page to load is important, but it's only one factor amongst many when it comes to how users engage with your website or web app. This is particularly the case on mobile where bandwidth and latencies are considerably higher than for typical desktop browsers. It is imperative that the performance community recognizes the flow visitors follow when they interact with you on the web. To build fast, rich websites we cannot rely on new networking technology or web browsers to solve problems caused by network latency. For performance sensitive applications, developers must take control at the application layer in order to ensure timely access to the right resources.

In this talk Peter will discuss approaches for measuring and improving visit performance on mobile. These approaches include client-side measurement of visit-specific factors such as device and browser properties, estimated bandwidth and latency, and how you can sample these to build a visit profile that will improve performance. Peter will also discuss speculative pre-loading of resources, and a pre-loading strategy that optimizes loading the right resources at the right time. Taking into account that pre-loading impacts end-user battery life and data charges, special attention will be given to how it can be done ethically so it does not place excess burden on the visitor.

Presented by Peter McLachlan (@b1tr0t, at the July 2013 Breaking Development Conference in San Diego, California.

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