Film By Peter Richweisz, (

Desert Fish/The cARTel Production, 2013 July. ( ,


What is fashion to you?
Where is the fine line for vanity?
And style individualism?

What are the ongoing discrepancies of understanding other human beings?
How do we make moral judgments?
Where does taste have to stand as our point of view?

Are you a VICTIM?
Or are you an influential leader of cultural and fashion evolution?


Make-up: Jojo Dantespadua

Styling: Barbara Mandich

Cast: Kristina Ferris,Elga Kassebaum,Wadih Elnajjar,Barbara Mandich, Zak Muhammed, David Kominek, Khyara and Sienna Ranaweera, Andrea Brocca, G G, Renata Martin, Yufo, Alessia, Lauren Niko, Niya, Mohammed Gadi.

Lyrics: Acer Jamal and Peter Richweisz

Voices: Acer Jamal and Amen Dube

BTS video David Kominek

Designer credits:
Una Burke, The London Robe Company, Charlie Design, Spirit by T.B., Palka Paul, Aptform, Jail Jeans, Andy Wolf, Rynshu, Ruben Santos, Puey Quinoes, Bracher Emden, Michael Cinco, Ezra Santos, Victoria Strange Couture

Shot on Eos 1dc 4k

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