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After many years of desallorro to months and months of testing in real time on Facebook, we are completely ready. The Z-Code becomes a gated community!
We are closing public access to the community Z-code, removing the malicious people lurking (GREAT community of rapacious birds Vegas and you definitely NOT want us to succeed) to only be used by our valuable VIP member community and obviously we, Smart bettors that generate large amounts of money steadily.
No need to say much about the system, we consider it as the tip of the iceberg in our career technological development (could even say that well over Fapturbo) ... and we want you to try it first hand! ...

What is Z-Code? NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL

Z-Code . We could call it "gambling Robot" but it really is much more than that. Let me explain. Z-Code has been developed to generate winning sports predictions for: NBA (Basketball) MLB (Baseball) NFL (American Football) NHL (Hockey) Experts in:
Football, College Sports, Tennis, etc..

But I wonder why these sports?

First of all because they are very popular and therefore the bookmakers accept a large number of bets for these sports (several thousand $ $ $ $ per bet), and secondly because we wanted to make a profit during the whole year and not just for one or two seasons or just sit and see all the other action from which we could also take a GAIN.
Having worked in the foreign exchange market (Forex), we decided that we wanted to have something "AUTOMATIC" A money generating system that could generate winning predictions based on a statistical model accurate and powerful.
We wanted to do business in sport in the same way we did in the world of forex FOREX. We never imagined that our work was being so PROFITABLE!
The investments represent a HUGE sports industry! Billions of dollars are traded in this industry which will be attracted to those who have a precise system, and YOU can have what it takes to achieve it!

hose who have a precise system, and YOU can have what it takes to achieve it!

Z-Code " allows you to do business "in Sports!

Take on more than 80 different parameters in each game, such as condition of the players, injuries, Advantage of being home or away, answering in the case of hockey, past performance statistics, coaches, importance of play, rivalries among MANY other parameters , and all this to calculate a precise future results.

NO it is simply know who will win or lose the game ... But the " value bet "

Z-Code seeks not only the winner or the loser. But seeking the " value "in each game, ie where you could make the most money with the least risk ... That's why predicts bets such as: "How many goals are going to make?" or "Who will score the most points" or "Will there be more or less than 5 goals?" ...
Always looking for the best value in each game and thus generating the most money!

Where emotions fail ... statistical calculations prevail!

Z-Code is a Robot!
... It's a machine, say "a program" ... You have no favorite teams or players .. It's cold as an iceberg and is vigilant performance and the teams and players! Those who engage in sports generate predictions (Handicappers) generally have favorite teams, even when they do not admit ... decisions tend to be emotional ... and therefore can not be 100% objective. It is impossible to be accurate without having a proven model and accurate ... and that's why the industry handicappers do not reach us or heels! NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL

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