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Oracle of Investing provides real-time stock signaling services.
It provides in-depth insights into trading and investing.
Oracle of Investing manages the Oracle Fund.

1. JTrading™ provides real-time signals to buy and sell individual stocks and market indices. JTrading offers the following services:
a. JDirection™ emits signals regarding general market direction. It has three options: buy, cash, and sell.
b. JBuy™ signals high-quality buy entry points in individual stocks.
c. JShorts™ identifies short-selling opportunities.
d. JEvent™ emits signals when there is an opportunity to trade based on an event such as elections, weather, or an event particular to a company.
e. JMarket™ provides market context to the current market action. It assesses the likelihood that the overall market context could generate high-quality opportunities. It assesses current events and their impact on the market. It is included free to all of our newsletter subscribers.

2. TradingU™ offers in-depth analysis into trading and investing. TradingU analyzes Traders, Investors, Strategies, Industries, Countries, or Trading Situations. The analysis is in a report or video format. You also have access to all in-depth analyses in our TradingU Catalog. TradingU provides 60 in-depth analyses every 5 years.

3. The Oracle Fund™ is a turnkey solution for investors wanting freedom from financial concerns. For more information please go to Menu -> Fund -> Intro to apply for a login password and access the brochure, prospectus, and application.

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