An animation by Maria Björklund (2011)

Kihi-Kuhi was originally made for gallery use and has been exhibited in several galleries and art museums in Finland as well as in Suomesta Galleria in Berlin, Germany, Hibiya Library & Museum in Tokyo, Japan and Zagreb Museum of contemporary art, Croatia.

Kihi-Kuhi is a 30 second silent video loop made using drawn animation. The screen is filled with wriggling abstract objects that mutate in different shapes, grow and shrink, move around in different ways, come in the picture and disappear again following their own wild and unpredictable logic. The objects' shapes are organic and soft, flexible and surprising. There's also some interaction between the objects, in a way they form their own abstract ecosystem.

When watching Kihi-Kuhi, it's impossible to see everything that's happening at once. Unlike with traditional animated film, it's up to the viewer to decide what to watch, how and for how long.

A video of Kihi-Kuhi being shown on the facade of Zagreb Museum of contemporary art. Kihi-Kuhi begins in 17:43:

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