Flamenco is a folk art and includes singing, guitar playing, dance and palmas (handclaps); is often associated with gipsy people from south of Spain. Song, dance and guitar are blended into passionate rhythms which are often improvised and spontaneous.

The idea of our team was to show a fervent flamenco one-evening story through still photographs in which only one simple movement occurs - each cinemagraph works as an endless loop. This contrast gives mysteriousity and special attraction and aesthetics to the story.

The first step to realize our project was plot creation. In our plot the girl is the main caracter. She goes through lonely streets in a typical little spanish town, hears the sound of castanets at the corner. She has to hurry up - today she dances flamenco all night and everybody is waiting for her. A tailor just finished his work - he sewed a new dress for the girl. She arrives at the place, trys the dress and - flamenco dance night starts.

Through this short story we invite you to experience typical gypsy flamenco dancing from Spain. Enjoy.

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