No longer the province of early adopters, social media has made an indelible mark on the minds of leading brand strategists, marketing professionals, and in-house communications experts. But has its power and potential yet penetrated the consciousness of the C-Suite? Has social media convincingly made its business case to merit executive attention?

Our panel discusses the inconvenient truths around the current state of Social Media and the Enterprise. For instance, a recent Stanford study of 180 top CEOs reported that most understand that what is said on social media can impact their organization, but only 32% of companies monitor online conversation for potential risks, and only 14% use social sentiment to measure performance.

In order to get true buy-in from the executive suite, social media enthusiasts must speak in a language the C-Suite understands:
• How does direct engagement with consumers, employees, and stakeholders equate to positive balance sheet outcomes?
• What are the privacy and security risks involved with social media?
• How well understood are social media policies among the employee population?
• What is the true risk of avoiding public conversations about a company's brand, its image, or its role within its industry?

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