This morning I was happy to start this new project. I went to the supermarket to buy some meat for the dinner. Something bad happened. I red on the packaging of the meat "cutted on 31st of july". Damn. July has 31 days. One day to add to her come back.

"Left is not right" is a summer project ending very soon. My girlfriend is on holiday, while I'm stuck in the city, working. It's hot. We cannot communicate so well, cause she's got no money on her telephone, and she can't top up, so I can't call her. Sometimes she can reach a very bad internet connection, but maybe I'm not online.
I figured out a solution: I will upload a video every day that she can watch anytime, telling her how's going in the city and how I feel about her. I will use real footage mixed with emoticons, cause that's how lovers communicates in 2013 when they are far away.
All videos will be done at 11.51 am. She know why.
Hope that somebody can use them to show love to anyone.

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