The new definition of camera rigs. The first completely modular, fully-adjustable, camera-specific shoulder rig. To get yours, visit:

Modular Design:
The Rhino Rig boasts an unprecedented amount of articulation from the hand grips to the shoulder rest, and is made up of four modular components: the Base Kit, the Rail System, the Cage, and the Rhino Rest.

Base Kit:
Every Rhino Rig starts with the Base Kit, which includes fully-articulating, rosetted hand grips, and an adjustable butt-stock. The hand grips can mount directly to the base plate for a truly compact rig.

Rail System:
As your camera setup grows, add the Rail System which includes "15mm LWS" carbon rails. The rails are height adjustable to accommodate accessories that utilize the 15mm standard. The base of the Rail System will let you attach your rig to any standard tripod or quick release plate. We included a tightening bar that stashes in the base plate of the Rail System for easy and secure mounting of your camera.

We designed an innovative Cage to protect your camera, give you additional hand grip options, and included a cheese-plate to equip your rig with mics, monitors, and other accessories. The two Cage handgrips articulate forward and backward to accommodate cables and accessories that attach to your camera. The top handle makes it easy to shoot low to the ground and carry or pick up your rig.

Rhino Rest:
For ultimate comfort and customization, we created the first ever fully-articulating, custom-fitting shoulder rest; the Rhino Rest, which is being received as the most comfortable shoulder rest on the market. It features 9 individually articulating TPR (thermoplastic rubber) pads that distribute the weight equally across the shoulder and an integrated 15 degree cant that conforms to the slope of your shoulder. We added even more functionality by integrating eight 1/4-20 accessory mounting locations above each link.

Rhino Rig Full Kit:
To truly innovate the shoulder rig, we engineered it from the ground up. Using the best materials, beautiful design, a patent-pending, custom-fitting shoulder rest, and ARRI standard rosettes throughout, the Rhino Rig is the culmination of art and engineering working together.

With the variety of accessories for the Rhino Shoulder Rig, you're able to customize your kit. Protect your shoulder rig with a custom fitted carrying case, or balance out your camera with a 5lbs counter weight. Easily attach accessories with the hot shoe Relocator or the Rail Accessory Block. Check out these accessories and more below.

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