Horo horo hata hata evokes a spiritual world, with animism and shamanism inspired by the language and culture of the Ainu people (Island of Hokkaido of the Kuril and Sachalin Islands, Japan). The title refers to the refrains in traditional lullabies (ihumke).

“My composition also begins with a lullaby with an unusual marvellous sound (rolling tongue), considered divine by the Ainu who compare it to the sound of celestial bells. In the piece I also use two Ainu hunter prayers which were written in the village of Shumunkot in the Saru region in 1915.

According to Ainu beliefs, human beings, to survive with other living creatures, must learn to communicate with them. When the Ainu men go hunting in the mountains, they pray to their Gods to make birds and masks of animals appear.In my composition these prayers are combined with the voices and the animal and bird calls.”

Recorded at 'The Latvian Radio Choir' concert presented by Soundstreams at Koerner Hall in Toronto, Canada. Performed by the Latvian Radio Choir and conducted by Kaspar Putnins.

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