When given a video from Finnish trick shot artist and goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainnen featuring a gorilla costume and random banana violence, what do you do? Package it all together with "Donkey Kong" inspired cut scenes of course. For this I was provided with Lassi's video that had a loose story that I added visual glue to help make it a little clearer to KICKTV's and Lassi's large audience.

There was no way to make the banana beating any less random then what it was. My favorite comment from the Youtubes was, "WTF did I just watch!?!" Since I can't embed the video here's the link to "Banana Kick" on KICKTV's channel.

On Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=r4nyl0D9Ntg
KICKTV Channel: youtube.com/user/kick

Ridiculous Soccer Abilities: Lassi Hurskainnen
Creative Direction: Lassi Hurskainnen, Nelson Castro, Michael Millberger, Ryan Davis
Art direction, Illustration and Animation: Matthew Rankin
Craptacular Sound Design: Matthew Rankin

After Effects

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