I ain't no morning person
As you can plainly tell
When that sunlight hits my eyes
I curse it all to hell
Just make my coffee strong and black
And somehow I'll endure
No, I ain't no morning person
That's for sure

At seven my alarm goes off
And I just hit the snooze
Another day's a-startin'
And it's giving me the blues
A day of toil and drudgery
It's more than I can take
Just let me stay in bed
For heaven's sake!

I ain't no morning person...

Mornings find me grouchy
And ornery to boot
I hear that rooster crowing
And it's him I wanna shoot
So go and have your breakfast
And don't wake me up too soon
Just poke me with a stick
When it's past noon

I ain't no morning person...

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