One channel video with split stereo sound, edition 1+AP, purchased by Göteborgs konstmuseum 2013

From Göteborg art museum website:
As part of the museum’s ongoing work to activate the collections, the Gothenburg Museum of Art invites contemporary artists to comment on and complement the permanent exhibitions. The dialogue creates new contexts and meanings that provide new dimensions both for the exhibited works and for the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

”My first composition professor Ole Lützow-Holm said in an interview, ”the melody is the vibrating thought”. I read this interview right before I would start my education at the college of music... but I can not recall me ever asking him about the meaning of it? In any case, I have carried that sentence with me ever since, sometimes it will come to me when I am not sure of what I am doing, sometimes when I am having a hard time trying to start up a new project. And now it comes to me when I am supposed to write something about my work at the 5th floor at Göteborgs konstmuseum.
However, this work is not so much about thought, it is mostly just body. And the visitor’s presence that binds something together that has been torn apart.” / J.N.

Right hand - Left hand (2012) was installed in three adjacent rooms on the 5th floor of the Gothenburg Museum of Art. These rooms mostly contains religious art from 1400-1600. The video was displayed in the center room. The sound in this work is based on JS Bach’s, Nun komm’ der Heiden Heiland, in a piano transcription by F. Busoni.The part of the music that is played by the right hand is heard through a speaker in the right room, the part played by the left hand is heard through a speaker in the left room. The video consists of an extreme closeup of some piano keys, trembling by the touch of the pianist. When facing the video in the middle room, the sound is “whole”, when you move to one of the other rooms you experience the split of the sound. When standing close to the left speaker, the music played by the left hand rings out on its own, lonely and fragile, the music played by the right hand is heard only very faint, from the distance. And vice versa.

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