Filmed in California and on the North Shore of Oahu, ‘Watching Water sets out to explore the visceral essence of surfing. From that first turn, to the first win. The local break and being far from home. The changes, those moments – and the courage to face them. Being with friends – and losing them.

This is a story, about what it means, to be out there.


Tom Carroll. Lisa Andersen, Mark Healey, Reef McIntosh, Damien Fahrenfort, Bruce Raymond, Richie Collins, Alex Knost and Balaram Stack.

"I never want my films to be about status, or who’s winning what. I want to explore the differences and the commonality of this lifestyle. I want my films to be about the underlining thread that makes everyone the same. Whether you’re just a grom starting on an old beat up board, or a true pioneer of this sport, the ‘stoke’ is the same, and that’s what I want to capture.

Everyone I’ve worked with or interviewed has been so gracious with their time and were all amazingly patient with me.

Meeting people and discovering their own connection to what they love continues to have a profound affect on me. It’s what I strive to capture more than anything – honest, real insights into individual people and what they’re passionate about.”

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