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Digi traffic generator is a bookmarking and article seo software by Andy Fletcher from Digi results.
Previous Andy release two separate products, digi traffic accelerator with is a desktop seo software and digi traffic multiplier which was a wordpress plugin. It seems that Digi results decided to combine the power of the two and they have done a great job as usual.
This is an honest review, my name is Tony Hayes and i create youtube seo software's. The video explain how i use the bookmarking tool in digi traffic generator to add extreme SEO power to my Tube backlink commando strategies which leverage the use of ifttt to make linkwheels, web 2.0 blog networks and also more syndication from flickr and vimeo linkwheels.
My advanced ifttt strategies include creating even more powerful syndication and linkwheels from google plus for any web page you want simply by adding the link of the page you want to get ranked on google into the google plus account that you have set up with ifttt.
I like to use Andy Fletchers digi traffic generator to boost the links of the posts made with my advanced ifttt seo strategy as andy's bookmarking tool allows me to spin the urls of the posts made and its simple and fast to use, even a child could do this and make money on youtube.
Search engine optimization on youtube is still easier to do and get high ranings fast using some old scjool seo methods that we used to do for web sites before the panda and penguin algotythm changes from google.
Social bookmarking can play a major factor in effective search engine optimization and rank videos fast if done correctly.Professional seo and affiliate marketers, as well as seo consultants doing offline local business services can tap into a load of free traffic and it can be set and forget.
This is why we like to use automation tools like digi traffic generator and tube backlink commando.I often add the ability to post to onlywire from my softwares but after testing digi traffic generator again recently i think its is actually far better value than using onlywire because you can create unlimited accounts and the link in my youtube video offers a discount for digi traffic generator which is now only 10 dollars per month through my digi traffic gerenator dicount link in the video description on youtube. If you purchased digi traffic generator direct from you would be paying just under 20 dollars per month.
Thats a 50% discount for digi traffic generator and you have unlimited account creation on social bookmarking sites as well as article directories and you can make unlimited social bookmarks and article posts. Onlywire has a monthly service that costs 12.99 dollars per month and that only covers the same accounts again and again and you are limited to 1000 links per month.
with those features and figures in mind i have to recommend digi traffic generator over onlywire but it gets even better because account creation with digi traffic generator is far simpler, it takes just a few minutes and it even verifies your emails from the web 2.0 sites it works with.
Where the real power of digi traffic gereator comes in is the ability top roptate between the accounts created so that there is very little footprint. It also has settings to use proxies whichg is advisable and also uses de captcha services too.
Click on the link at the start of thos description to learn more about digi traffic generator and watch my video on youtube showing how i use the software to bookmark and get social links effortlessly and you too can start to take advantage of the power of tube backlink commando and digi traffic generator today, using my dscount coupon to get even better value and diversity than you could possibly hope for with onlywire.
One more thing...Digi Traffic generator discount is available for a limited time. if you are reading this now then you may still just have time to grab a great discount offer for what i believe is the simplest and fastest social bookmarking tool around today.
Go check out digi traffic generator and give onlywire the push! You will be glad you did!

Disclaimer, i do get affiliate commissions if you buy andy fletchers social bookmarking and article posting software through my digi traffic generator discount link.

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