Instruction videos produced for Activ8rlives that proved to be a fantastic investment with increased sales & leads.


With the Buddy step counter will be a lanyard attachment to connect with your neck strap and a coloured protective sleeve. Also in the box is a manual, wrist strap and a screwdriver which will allow you to access the battery pack on the back.
You can wear the buddy step counter anywhere on your body. We recommend using the coloured sleeve to protect your counter from sweat and dirt as the counter is not waterproof.
Do not put the counter in your pocket. It is very easy to forget it is there and could easily end up in the washing machine. The lanyard connector goes through the eyelet which you can then connect to your lanyard. The lanyard has a breakaway closure and also has a belt loop so you can wear it on your belt.
Simply attach this to your arm and it will remain secure as you're walking or running.
You can also wear this on your arm/ankle strap and these are available in a range of colours.
To activate the Buddy step counter you pull out the white strip.
This is a 3 axis accelerometer which means you can wear it almost anywhere on the body and it will pick up movement in all three dimensions -- as you move it is countered into a number of steps.
It has a filter so that it does not count random bumps. This means it won't start counting your first 10 steps until you've reached the 11th step and you have to be walking at a frequency greater than one step a second.
You can test your buddy step counter by walking 10 steps and by the 11th you should see it starting to count.
There is a progress bar which goes along the side of the device. This measures shows how close you are to reaching the goal you have set for yourself.
The next thing to do is to set the time, input your weight (which is used to to count calories) and your activity target or goal. To set-up your Buddy manually, there are a series of buttons. The buttons are recessed so they are not easily pressed by mistake. There is memory, set, mode and reset.
If you press reset it will completely reset the device so only press this if you really do want to reset your count -- your step count will be lost if you do this.
By pressing mode we can see the different functions of the device. Step is the default. We can see the distance that we've travelled, the calories burnt, the number of minutes we were active, the total number of steps.

The main screen is STEPS. This is where we adjust the parameters
To adjust them you hold set until the display starts flashing.
The battery will last for around 3-6 months and when the battery is running out a warning signal on the screen will appear. The battery is a CR2032. To remove it you use the screwdriver provided to unscrew the lid and replace accordingly. Remember to upload your steps before doing this as your memory will be wiped.


We produced a series of instructional videos for Activ8rlives. Activ8rlives are all about self-monitoring health and wellness & they have subsequently developed a series of products to help track your own personal date. The products & what they track are noted below: Buddy Step Counter: Activity, calories burned & distance Body Analyser: Weight, body fat percentage, muscle percentage, bone percentage & visceral fat. Peak Flow Meter: Peak Flow & FEV1. Pulse Oximeter: Pulse & pO2 Smartphone App: Food, drink, alcohol, blood glucose, HbA1c, INR, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, C-reactive protein, waist-hip ratio, neck size and customer trackers. Motivation: Personal reports, personal bests, fitness targets, lung function targets, weekly stats, reports, dashboard, food diary/activity reports, self-help groups, family groups, create groups, adventures in Google Earth, wish you were here picture, rewards medals & rewards points.

You are also able to export data so that clinicians or personal trainers can guide you. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry.

The instructional videos have had fantastic results for Activ8rlives. The return on investment was achieved within weeks of the launch of the videos, with increased sales and reduced administration. Watch the testimonial from the Activ8rlives director - don't just take our word for it.



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