TSVG Pedals presents Slow Ride and Emperor Demo. The Slow Ride is designed for endless sustain and gritty yet articulate over driven tones. Roll back the attack and let your amp naturally overdrive. Turn it up and let it scream. The toggle switch acts as a high end filter. The down position will allow your full signal to pass, but the up position cuts most of the bass response. This true bypass effect features AC 128 germanium transistors and Mullard "Tropical Fish" caps throughout. The Emperor is a warm and articulate overdrive, but can do so much more. We keep the controls simple; volume, gain, and a toggle switch to control the boost function. When the toggle switch is in the down position, the overdrive becomes much more aggressive, allowing the mids and highs to cut through the mix. In the up position, the tone rounds out and adds thick low end punch. All TSVG Pedals are built by hand in Philadelphia, PA with hand-picked and matched components.
For more information, please visit tsvgpedals.com.
Guitar: Chris Julian
Host: Yamil Emedan
Engineer: Gavin Heise
Pedals: Mike Klein
Video: Bob Sweeney

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