Video clip from the movie "All Secrets" by Thomas Wotan Suski ( ). Music by Ralph Zurmuhle ( ). All Secrets is a feature film. So far, the film has won numerous prizes. For further information, please go to the production blog at

The entire film can be watched online in HD at Vimeo ( ).

Maria is taking care of her dying mother. The constant suffering around pushes the girl into a very depressed state. While looking for suicide helpline she dials a wrong number and she reaches Black - the lonely painter with strange telephatic abilities, which allow him to feel and experience other people's thoughts, whether he wants it or not. Soon they become very close. She - facing her mother's death and a crisis in her relationship, he – isolation caused by his mental condition. Maria falls in love with Black, but she's also aware that to be with him, she'll have to reveal all the secrets from her life. Can she make this sacrifice for the one she loves?

The script is inspired by a fragment of a novel by Jacek Dukaj, the wellknown polish sci-fi writer.

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