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The event took place at Giralda Farm Corporate Park and 175 people attended. The menu was highly customized. The inspiration for this menu came from the 4th installment of the James Bond series. 'Never Say Never Again' filmed in Monte Carlo at the illustrious Hotel de Paris. Home of Alain Ducasse' 'Le Louis XV' famed restaurant dinner began with a Salle Empire-Hotel de Paris Tomatoes de Pays Cuites et Crues, Burrata au Pistou (Red Heirloom Tomato and Cooked Tomato, Yellow Peppers and Fresh Made Burrata, Satur Farm Bibb Lettuce and Tomato Jam).

Video Transcript:
David Beahm. David Beahm design New York City, we are an event production company. We started with a basic garden in an office building and I loved the look of the office building. Just because it looked very James Bond and very headquarters. It totally worked, but there was no place to put everyone for dancing and dinner. So, it made sense to go off the back. So we built up a platform up from the brick terrace out so that it was even with the terrace and we were able to put a dining room there. We knew it was going to be a tent and we were not trying to disguise the tent but all the visual elements would come together to really make for a very elegant evening. When you say James Bond, you think elegant.
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Some of the details that make the design of the event special, are the small details. Like the tablecloths are silver and gold leaf on a woven cotton and they're really beautiful. And I think that you would not expect to find that in a tent and that's how we superimpose and make an event elegant by using really elegant, beautiful fabrics. The chargers are gold nuggets mixed with chocolate.
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You need to have staff to make sure that every guest feels special. We're really glad to be working with Ome Catering and know that we're in good hands.
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