The historic maritime park of Flagstaff Hill is located along Victoria's infamous 'shipwreck coastline'. In order to enhance tourism, the attraction required a dramatic portrayal of the surrounding coast line and the treachery of the waters which have claimed more than 160 ships.
The solution provided by Laservision included the themed show titled 'Shipwrecked', a spectacular in its' own right! The audience is taken on an outdoor journey through the maritime village to a purpose designed theatre constructed by Laservision.
The audience looks out of the theatre to experience a 30 minute multi media show which incorporates both the historic village and an arsenal of special effects. Both laser and digital projection are used as the main story telling elements onto the Water ~ Screen.
'Shipwrecked' also includes the use of architectural lighting, rain, wind, surround sound and a motion base that completes the attraction.
Laservision's state-of-the-art show control system 'Sinodial ~ Series', utilising a proprietary Laservision Digital Data ~ Pump, was introduced as a solution for coordinating all of the effects that are incorporated into the attraction.

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