Camera: Hero 3 Black Edition
Song: Tor "Glass & Stone"

This project was a simple idea, shot in a less simple way. Something is quite extraoridinary about the way our bodies move beneath the surface. I wanted to capture that. The light, the slower motion of our limbs, the flow of our hair, the air escaping us....all different elements of curiosity. And of course the water itself....the sound, the texture of changing locations, the clarity, the feeling of being inferior to the world around you.

Shooting beneath the water was not the most simple thing to do, but it was the most beautiful. I appreciate everyone that let me capture their movement beneath the surface. Being filmed in a place foreign to you is not the most comfortable of all things to do, but everyone that partook in this project was unique and beautiful in their own way....above and below the water.

This has been by far one of my favorite projects to work on thus far.

The Talent:

Serese Brown
Kevin Chirico
Lexi Schooley
Richard Kruezburg
Ashley Candance
Jaqueline B.
Niki Mitchell
Gabe King
Anna Love
Spencer Beemiller
Zuzu Perkal
Meghan Connell
Erin Havlak
Josh Masso
Micheal Gage
Scott Graham

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