Summer is a great time to relax, recoup, and rewire. One activity that will keep your mind active and focused is chess. The chess community here in El Paso (almost a well kept secret) has this going constantly. Several active playing sites allow individuals who play to meet and greet people from all facets of our society. The downtown library (Main Branch) on Saturday's 1-4 pm. The Judge Marquez Library on south of I-10 on Yarbrough on Tuesday's 4:30-6:45 pm. Just recently the Ysleta Library Branch on Alameda adjacent to the Pavo Real Rec Center has open up space on Thursday's 4:30-6:45. Check the public library schedule to see what other branches may have an active site.

Gustavo Maass (FIDE-Mexico) a ranking chess master sponsors a chess camp during the summer months and conducts classes during the school year. (See the posted video Maass Chess Camp)

Chess is probably the foremost activity that literally levels the playing field. The player has 16 pieces that he/she controls and seeks to conquer or ward off the advancing army of their opponent. The game is over when the opposing King has been captured (or put in a position of surrender called Check Mate!).
Chess is a lifetime activity that has ALL PEOPLE who play engaged from near birth (3-4 years old) to the grave.

With the coming of a new school year comes new opportunities of epic battles and skirmishes amongst the many campus that have chess clubs. Don't know if your childs campus has chess activity, visit the campus and find out. For further information go to the El Paso Chess Connection (Facebook). There you will find information on how to start a club, the academic and academic benefits of learning and playing chess, when tournaments have been scheduled (Rated and Scholastic) and available chess mentors. Also the USCF (United States Chess Federation) < > has information on how to get started.

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