Here's Science Presenter Greg Foot on Sunday Brunch on 2nd June 2013. This is the first part of his chat re his recent trip up to Everest Base Camp. He trekked up to join a group of doctors and scientists who had set up the highest lab in the world. More info here:

In this item Greg chats with Tim & Simon about his adventure and dresses Jaymi from Union J up in a full summit suit.

Check out Part 2 where Greg uncovers the science behind high altitude survival:


Greg is a Daredevil Science Presenter on TV, Radio & at Live Events.

Half science geek, half adrenaline-junkie, he uses immersive stunts, eye-catching spectacles and hands-on demos to push science, and himself, to the limit.

He's been buried alive, frozen, shot, electrocuted, and even gone under the knife in the name of science... (that last one was to find out what humans taste of!)

To find out more head to Greg's website at

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