"Będziemy parli do naszych matek" ("We will push to our mothers") by Konrad Góra, Paweł Janicki, Lubomir Grzelak is a cooperative project commissioned by Industrialart (industrialart.eu) and being a part of the project Bankotwory held in the event RYTUAŁ RECESJA-RETORSJE-BANG (RITUAL RECESSION-RETORSION-BANG) in 2010.

"Będziemy parli do naszych matek" is a visual and audible form inspired by a poem by Konrad Góra and designed to be displayed on the screens of fake ATMs in public spaces in Wroclaw City (Poland).

RYTUAŁ RECESJA-RETORSJE-BANG event was inspired by the economic collapse in 2009-2010.

more: paweljanicki.jp/projects_bedziemyparli_en.html

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