is an art experiment by Be Another Lab designed as interactive performance installation that offers users the possibility to interact with the story of another person by seeing themselves in the body of another person, and listening to this other person thoughts inside their mind.
THE MACHINE aims to promote self understanding, empathy and tolerance among users, using technics applied in the neuropsychology experience called Embodiement. This kind of experiment have been under scientific investigation by institutions such as Group Ehrsoson in Karlinska Institute and Event Lab for Neuroscience and Technology. Our approach is to simulate this experiment in an artistic way, offering users the perception of being in the body of another. The idea is to stimulate the notion of collectivity, the acceptance and better understanding of each other, as we understand that our individual identity is connected to Humanity’s identity and that our notion of ourselves is related to our notion about others in our society.
Our final goal is to generate empathy among individuals of different social, cultural, ideological contexts, using for this performances that addresses issues like peaceful convivence, prejudice of any kind, ideological conflicts.
The project was developed with the support of University Pompeu Fabra, Hangar, Grid Spinoza and L'estruch.

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