Inspired by a 1920's railcar, this 1988 international bluebird bus has awnings over front and rear decks as well as a pop top roof. We have fabricated wheel covers with additional dummy wheels to help create the look of a rail car.


The interior has a 1920's swanky Art Deco decor with lush seating that surrounds a full bar and dance floor.

We have a full DJ set up with top of the line brand new CDJ 2000's with an amazing sound system that consists of 4 Mackie SRM 450's, 2 JBL PRX 612M speakers along with 2 QSC 18" subwoofers!!


The lighting design will consist of fiber optics side glow cables outlining the exterior of bus, illuminated by 2- 150 watt fiber optic illuminators. 1 LED RGB 3500K wash light mounted under the bus to create a visual movement or "streak." The front deck will have a very bright 1920's spot light with a green gel to luminate its path. The rear deck has an old brass rail road oil lamp with red glass that has been converted to LED.

The interior will be lit by 2 black Art Deco chandeliers, a disco ball, laser lighting and LED strips throughout!

We have an amazing line up of DJ's coming from New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and some International guest appearances!

We need your help to finish this project and make it possible to bring this creation to the playa for the first time!!


$3,000- To fix and replace parts in A/C unit! This is a must and #1 priority!

$3,000- Diesel Generator to power the lighting and sound system.

$3,000- 2 QSC KW181 Powered Sub Woofers 18" 1000w.

$1,000- Diesel Fuel for the week at burning man to fuel generators and A/C.


We have to get funding within 3 weeks to assure we make it to Burning Man!!!


You can donate by using


OR by contacting

James Spiegel 310-740-5538

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