The creative for session #3 of the 2013 CFC-FFL Conference and 2013 East Coast YFL Echo Conference.

Glorious Ruins

What holds us back? What prevents us from believing?

Is it certain people? Is it certain things? Is it fear?

It's the ruins around us... it's the ruins of ourselves.

It's what keeps us from getting out from wherever we are, we are lost in the fear of failures and disappointments that keeps us from seeing the beauty around us.

Don't be discourage, because those feelings are a product of you...of the ruins that you lie in now.

We have to take a step forward in order to move forward. We are the only ones capable of making that step, we are the ones who limit ourselves.

When you have hope in something, that means you have faith in it, when you have faith in something, you have to be convinced of it, and when you are convinced and have faith...that means you believe in it.

We might have lost someone, we might have lost something, we might have lost love, but that doesn't mean there isn't beauty to be found on the journey in the ruins around us...walk through the fire, despite how much it hurts...lift your head have to believe...

Walk through that fire...what does fire do? It burns, it destroys...but in the hottest of fires, it can mold things, it can can rebuild what was once hopeless into something beautiful and glorious. Fire steels us, it molds us. One cannot just set a fire, one must also keep it burning..."Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."

Despite how others may have hurt you, despite how hurt you are, despite how that fire is...walk through it and believe that there is an end, and that, that end is beautiful and glorious..."Behold I make all things new...what now is, has already been; what is to be, is already is, and God restores what would have been lost."

If you feel like not going on anymore, if you feel like you made the wrong choice...don't be discouraged because those feelings are a product of you, of the ruins that you lie in now. There is a hope out there, a hope that believes in you, that knows what you're capable of. Let His glory rise through matter the decay you are in, it doesn't matter, because you are the greatest creature that God has ever made, that means you are his most beautiful and glorious creation! Rise out of your ruins with you head lifted high and with your spirit revived in His story!

Sometimes you feel like quitting, sometimes you feel that this is the wrong path. That's all you! That's you responding to the situation with your emotion! There is no peace there! You make that decision as you lie in the ruins of something that you felt has failed you. The subsequent decision that you make is a result of choice made in the aftermath of human failures and not in the glory and peace of God. A decision made in guilt, anger, or emotion, is always a product of you and not of God. If you made a decision and you don't feel at peace or happy and you are still unsure, that means you probably didn't make the right one. That means you were compelled by yourself to make that decision and God hasn't been behind it as you may believe. And that is why, you are still in the same place in life. Never ever quit without giving it 100%, or you will always be stuck where you're at. You will never advance and live according to life as God has intended. You will be stuck in this limbo of ruins. False happiness will only bring you temporary relief...true happiness won't be achieved. You can keep doing ritual to see if that will make you happy, but again the focus, if you can't notice it, is always yourself, and not others. Only you can recognize the ruins around you, but it is God through others, that will guide you out of those ruins.

Never underestimate who you are...your failures, your fears, they are a product of your thoughts. No one can judge you, but they can help you. It is our job to embrace love through other people without us having to seek it ourselves, for if we do, then the end result is us loving our very selves. Some people love when it only feels comfortable to them. Then what reward is that? To be happy or joyful for we me made a decision that benefited us? That is self glorification with a pretense that we feel that God in someway made us do it, but we can never pinpoint or admit to what he is indeed calling us to; that is a sign then that maybe you made that decision on your own. Love is never achieved through self, it is always given to and through others. Love can never be achieved if we keep focusing on ourselves.

But it takes faith. You can't just hear that God loves you and sees you as His child, you have to believe it. It takes faith to move forward and overcome the challenges of life.

You have to have faith...You have to be convinced...You have to believe...


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