The Operation Toxic Gulf crew are currently sailing the Gulf of Mexico in a 93ft ketch called the RV Odyssey to study the effects of the 2010 Bp oil blowout and it's subsequent 'clean-up' on the Sperm whales that called this area home. Operation Toxic Gulf is a two month long campaign made up of several 10 day long legs that leave from different Gulf Coast ports.

The RV Odyssey is sailed by an international crew of 10-12 people representing more than six countries. This video introduces Captain Bob Wallace; Ocean Alliance crew member, captain and engineer aboard the Odyssey. When Ocean Alliance purchased The Odyssey in December 1991 they inherited the engineer, now captain, Bob Wallace. Bob had been working as the engineer and captain of The Odyssey since 1986 when the vessel was a private yacht. He is an experienced and accomplished sailor having circumnavigated the globe three times on three different vessels. Bob Wallace has worked as captain and engineer of The Odyssey throughout many Ocean Alliance campaigns, sailing the vessel to the Dominican, Galapagos Islands, the Sea of Cortez, The Bahamas and one world trip. For the past three summers Bob has sailed The Odyssey around the Gulf of Mexico for the Ocean Alliance sperm whale research campaigns making this year’s campaign, Operation Toxic Gulf, his fourth research voyage through the gulf. To read Bob's full crew biography go to

To watch the video on our YouTube channel -
For more information or to donate to the campaign - WWW.OPERATIONTOXICGULF.ORG

Operation Toxic Gulf is a collaborative campaign between Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Ocean Alliance.

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