This video shows our 2nd full day of our family camping trip here at Wench Creek Campground. This day, we headed to Bassi Falls in the morning. The road was bumpy and dusty and then we had to hike like 1/2 mile until we reached the falls. Like last year, not much of a falls. There wasn't water thundering down, only a little. It was all thanks to a very dry winter/spring earlier this year.

Once we got down to the falls, we split up, and ventured around the riverbeds, even some of us removing our slipper and shoes so we can touch the water. The water was cold but felt good since we were hot from the hike. The water was so clear and clean that I can clearly see the bottom. I left the camera on when we took a small dip in the small pond along the river lol. We were having the time of our lives. I also enjoyed the water myself...just wished I had extra clothes lol. Now this was vacation...

After us having fun, we all gathered up on the large area of dry riverbed and rested up a bit and then took a whole family group pic. After that, we hiked the 1/2 mile back up to the parking lot. It was tiring but a great workout. We were surprised that Lola had made the trail, both ways! The remainder of the video just showed pics during our fun times around Bassi Falls. Continuation of our family camping trip is shown on another video.

*Summary of our camping trip:

-Arrived Monday, July 22, 2013 at Wench Creek Campground, CA
-Set up camp/chilled/watched an epic lightning/thunderstorm down at the lake with the fam around 11ish-just past midnight

-Went to Bassi Falls Tuesday, July 23, 2013 with the fambam
-Chilled/rested up back at the campsite
-Played a game of blowing flour to reveal a coin at the lake (Union Valley Reservoir)
-Had fun playing in the water at the lake
-Walked around the lake a bit until sunset/early evening with the cousins
-Hanged out by the lake with cousins until nightfall
-Feasted on food on the last evening + Uncle Ricky's special hot sauce and steak
-Chilled by the fire/headed to bed

-Packed up and left Wench Creek Campground around early afternoon on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 (took a whole family group picture before we left)

(Footage filmed at Bassi Falls, CA on Tuesday, July 23, 2013, during our annual family camping trip)

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