Madrid is full of boys named Amaro.
So many that there is a joke about
a father who posted an
advertisement in the El Liberal
paper that read:
And how a squadron of guards had
been summoned to disperse the 700
young boys who responded to the
advertisement...... But this Amaro had no father to
forgive him, just 2 older sisters
who earlier this summer had paid
Amaros way to join them in Madrid
and work as an apprentice waiter at
the Luarca Diner.
There you are! What have you been
doing, day-dreaming again?

No......and it's not day dreaming, it's
Oohhh I see, such a romantic you
are. Coming to Madrid with such
high aspirations."Little Amaro, the
most celebrated bull fighter in all
of Madrid." HA!
Look at these 2nd rate matadors and
picadors, clinging to a false
bravado. All Drunks!
Amaro, what makes you think you're
so special?
Because Iam more talented than
these matadors.
Even if you are, what if you catch
a horn like him-
- and become a coward who shakes in
the presence of the bull? Or what
if you are like him-
- and for what ever reason the
people just don't take to your
charm? Or you get sick?
Well Iam not like them! I know it!
You are just bitter that you spend
your days here washing dishes!
Look, you can try if you want,but I
will see you back here when you
fail to say I told you so. That is
Stop! We still have tables! Amaro!
Why don't the tables have wine?
Because they already had wine,
plenty of wine.
They are decent clients, bring them
more wine. Where is Fransico?
He left, Iam covering his tables.
Great, Esteban, help Amaro deliver
wine to all the tables.
No, I can get it.
Macho Amaro strikes again!
We are going to the cinema, I trust
you guys to close...aye?
Come come Esteban no great show
goes without applause!
Great! Now I will never hear the
end of this.
Did you steal that?
No, he left it. Maybe as a gesture,
the rose pedals after a great show.
How is the bull?
Very fierce, observe....and the bull?
Still has lots of gas.
You make me sick
FEAR! The same fear you would have
if you ever step in the ring with a
real toro.
No, I would have no fear.
Everyone has fear, but a true
Matador can control his fear so he
can work the bull.
I once went into an amateur fight
and was so afraid I couldn't keep
from running-
YOU LAUGH! You would be more scared
than me! There is a huge difference
between a bottle of wine and the
I wouldn't be afraid
Then we should try it?! See, you
think of the bull but you do not
think of the horns. A terrible
force. They cut like a boyonet and
kill like a club. What if these
knives came at you? Bet those
passes would mean something then...
Let's do it in the dining room
No, no don't do it Amaro.
Yes, Iam not afraid!
You will be once you see the knives
We shall see, lend me your apron
It's heavy...
Look Amaro, this is very dangerous,
don't do it.
Charge straight, turn like a bull.
Charge as many times you like.
How will you know when to cut the
It's better to do two passes and
then a media.
Ha, Torito! Come on Little Bull!
Let me pull it out! Let me pull it
out! Put the napkin over it, hold
I came straight! I just wanted to
show you the danger
Don't worry, but bring the doctor
Iam so sorry Amaro

The boy named Amaro had never known
about how awful the movie was, nor
about what all these people would
be doing the next day and the days
to come. He did not know how they
lived nor how their lives ended. He
did not even realize they ended. He
died, as the Spanish phrase has it,
"full of illusions" because he
wasn't given the time in his life
for the illusions to fade or run
their course. He didn't even have
time to be disappointed in the
movie his sisters saw, which
disappointed Madrid for the next 2
weeks. And Madrid... Madrid sadly
didn't even notice one less Amaro.

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