Just A little Smile - Ukulele Corporate Royalty Free Music By AGsoundtrax.com

Bring a happy vibe to your project with this lighthearted piece that embraces a child's ability to be carefree and enjoy the simplicities of youth, enhanced by glockenspiel melodies and upbeat ukulele.

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Thanks so much for "Marta Gui & Beatriz Nuño for
this amazing Tube Toys Video.
Creative Direction: Oscar Diaz
Post-production: Marta Gui (oscar-diaz.net)
This Video is under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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What Is Royalty Free Means?:

When you want to use someone else's art in a project of your own, you often have to pay a royalty. Some types of art are designated as royalty-free, and in this case, you do not have to pay the art's creator a royalty when you use it. If you want to use someone else's art on a limited budget, royalty-free art might be the way to go.

Creative works, including art, photography, music, movies, and software, are usually owned by their creator. If someone else wants to use someone's song in a commercial, or put one of their photos on a website, the creator often earns a royalty. The royalty is a payment for each use of the creative work.

Sometimes artists create work that they sell as royalty-free. If a piece of work is royalty-free, you can purchase the right to use the work without paying a royalty each and every time the art is used. This can sometimes be a very cost-effective way for someone to use a piece of art, music, or software. The savings associated with using royalty-free works are especially high when the work will be used over and over.

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