A community is a closed area for collaboration and information exchange among the community’s participants.
A community, sometimes called a project, is in many ways similar to a course, with the following important differences.
1) Learners are normally allowed to create or make communities.
2) Unlike courses, communities don’t have assignments or test but do allow for things like files, surveys, discussion boards or other shared content.
Communities don’t have to academic or related to coursework although they can. Many schools used communities as an on like organizational space for your school club members to communicate and collaborate such as a Touchdown Club, Habitat for Humanity, Model UN, French Club or Chess club.
Students can use communities for help manage and organize Group Projects such as those for a technology fair, robotics project or a class assignment.
Your staff can use communities for Professional Collaboration such as a place to share and learn about topics like blended Learning, Standards based Assessments, Common Core Math, Project based learning).
Communities can be for a specific school or they can be district-wide.
Your students may opt to use itslearning Communities as a way to communicate and get organized in self-created study groups for a specific test or just for collaboration in general.
And finally, Communities may simply be a shared space for a special interest like reading or knitting and members want a place to share ideas, plan meetings or ask for assistance.

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