Noisemaker Blues is a comedy web-series. Three girls, frustrated with the cycle of low-paying jobs and no-paying internships, turn to a life of crime to make ends meet... except they’re not very good at it.

About the Show

The Great Recession. A bad time to be a college graduate with a liberal arts degree. A bad time to be kinda unfocused, a little lazy, and unsure what you want to do with your life. But a good time to turn to crime.

This is a show about how hard it can be to take the easy way out. This is a show about being too smart for your own good, but not as smart as you think. These girls aren’t trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents; they’re trying to make a million bucks out of thin air. How else does anyone make money in this world?

This show is steeped in the internet, in pop music, in social media. When you’re unemployed, probably unemployable and broke, all that’s left is being cool. Getting something in the Urban Dictionary means you were here. Getting enough likes on your selfie means you’re loved. Knowing the words to the latest summer jam means you belong. Being cool takes a lot of work. But when you’re not working...what else are you going to do?

And it’s not just these girls, either. The world around them is spinning a few degrees off-center. This is a world where the sanest person delivers pizza and weed. This is a world where giving an infant a Starbucks venti latte is appropriate parenting (or is it?). In a wacked-out world, being even more wack is the only reasonable response.

Welcome to Noisemaker Blues. Enjoy the ride.

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